Recordings – 2016


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Rev. David Miller 12/25/16 Meditation

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 12/25/16 Talk on Love

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 12/18/16 Meditation

Rev. Genie Joseph, Michael Juarez, Ernestina Darling, Gail Gregory & Toni Farnolli, Graduates of UFC’s Metaphysical Principles Certification Course, 12/18/16 Speaking on Their Reflections about the Class.

Sandy Gallo 12/11/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 12/11/16 Talk on Love

Rev. David Miller 12/4/16 Talk on Love


Rev. Kara Peterson 11/27/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 11/27/16 Talk on Faith

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 11/20/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 11/13/16 Meditation

Rev. Mary Ahls 11/13/16 Talk on Faith

Rev. David Miller 11/6/16 Meditation

Laura Fairbanks 11/6/16 Talk on Faith


Rev. David Miller 10/30/16 Meditation

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 10/30/16 Talk on Will

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 10/23/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 10/23/16 Talk on Will

Sandy Gallo 10/16/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 10/16/16 Talk on Will

Rev. David Miller 10/9/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 10/9/16 Talk on Will

Rev. Howard Milwich 10/2/16 Meditation

Rev. Wynelle Waters 10/2/16 Talk on Will


Rev. David Miller 9/25/16 Meditation

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 9/25/16 Talk on Power

Rev. Howard Milwich 9/18/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 9/18/16 Talk on Power

Sandy Gallo 9/11/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 9/11/16 Talk on Power

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 9/4/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 9/4/16 Talk on Power


Rev. David Miller 8/28/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 8/28/16 Talk on Imagination

Sandy Gallo 8/21/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 8/21/16 Talk on Imagination

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 8/14/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 8/14/16 Talk on Imagination

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 8/7/16 Talk on Imagination


Rev. David Miller 7/31/16 Meditation

Rev. Mary Ahls 7/31/16 Talk on Order

Rev. Mary Ahls 7/24/16 Meditation

Rev. Dorothaea Nobile 7/24/16 Talk on Order

Rev. Karakwennenta Peterson 7/17/16 Meditation

Rev. Wynelle Waters 7/17/16 Talk on Order

Rev. David Miller 7/10/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 7/10/16 Talk on Order

Rev. Karakwennenta Peterson 7/3/16 Meditation


Rev. David Miller 6/26/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 6/26/16 Talk on Zeal

Rev. Howard Milwich 6/19/16 Meditation

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 6/19/16 Talk on Zeal

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 6/12/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 6/12/16 Talk on Zeal

Sandy Gallo 6/5/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 6/5/16 Talk on Zeal


Sandy Gallo 5/29/16 Meditation

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 5/29/16 Talk on Wisdom

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 5/22/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 5/22/16 Talk on Wisdom

Sandy Gallo 5/15/16 Meditation

John Weyersmiller 5/15/16 Talk on Wisdom

Rev. Kara Peterson 5/8/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 5/8/16 Talk on Wisdom

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 5/1/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 5/1/16 Talk on Wisdom


John Weyersmiller 4/24/16 Meditation

Sandy Gallo 4/24/16 Talk on Strength

Viveka Silverstein 4/17/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 4/17/16 Talk on Strength

Krishna Silverstein 4/10/16 Meditation

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 4/10/16 Talk on Strength

Sandy Gallo 4/3/16 Meditation

Rev. Wynelle Waters 4/3/16 Talk on Strength


Rev. Mary Ahls 3/27/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 3/27/16 Talk on Life

Viveka Silverstein 3/20/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 3/20/16 Talk on Life

Rev. David Miller 3/13/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 3/13/16 Talk on Life


Rev. Dorothea 2/28/26 Meditation

Laura Fairbanks 2/28/16 Talk on Understanding

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 2/21/16 Meditation

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 2/21/16 Talk on Understanding

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 2/14/16 Meditation

Rev. Marsha Zimmerman 2/14/16 Talk on Understanding

Rev. Dagmar Veillet 2/7/16 Talk on Understanding


Rev. Ellen Kuyper 1/31/16 Meditation

Rev. Karak Peterson 1/31/16 Talk on Elimination

Sandy Gallo 1/24/16 Meditation

Rev. David Miller 1/24/16 Talk on Elimination

Rev. Karakwenneta Peterson 1/17/16 Meditation

Rev. Ellen Kuyper 1/17/16 Talk on Elimination

Rev. Dorothea Nobile 1/10/16 Meditation

Rev. Mary Ahls 1/10/16 Talk on Elimination

Rev. David Miller 1/3/16 Meditation

Rev. Howard Milwich 1/3/16 Talk on Elimination

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